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Spotlight Series: Exploring the language of psychedelics

Spotlight Series: Exploring far out examples of text analytics

Text analysis is a discipline that encompasses a vast range of text data sources. Examples of text analytics projects drawing upon unconventional data sets include Relative Insight’s inception – where we exposed masquerading behavior and kept young people safe by comparing conversations online.

Brands and agencies use the Relative Insight text analysis platform to uncover insights from four key data sets:

  • Survey data
  • Social data
  • Review data
  • Customer service data

However, the words contained in each of these data sets vary wildly. Some are fairly straightforward, while others contain a curious combination of words and phrases.

This led us to ask the question: what’s the strangest data set that our platform can analyze? Our next Spotlight Series event – Taking A Trip Through Text Analytics: Exploring Data From Surprising Sources – reveals all…

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The lexicon of psychedelics

To test whether our platform can make sense of any text data, we turned to psychedelic trip transcripts. Perhaps the least structured of all unstructured text data, we surveyed 4,000 people who have taken psychedelic substance, asking them to describe what they saw in their visions.

We then uploaded this curious combination of words into our text analytics tool. It’s safe to say that it passed its examination. By splitting responses by drug data points such as drug type, gender and age, we were able to uncover fascinating insights into the demographics who responded to our survey.

Relative Insight CRO James Cuthbertson will open the event by unveiling these insights. He’ll explore in detail just what we uncovered and posing the question: Can we use the lexicon of psychedelic trips to inform other aspects of our work?

Industry leaders share their text data stories

Following James’s talk, we’ll host a panel discussion with blue-chip industry experts. Our panel will share their examples of text analytics using data which was out of the norm, highlighting how they went about making sense of difficult text data and the insights they were able to derive from them

We’re delighted to be joined by the following luminaries for our panel discussion:

Join our fabulous panelists on Wednesday, November 9th at 11am EST / 4pm GMT and take a trip through a vast range of text analysis examples.