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How to speak like the master of scale

As an avid consumer of podcasts, I happily stumbled upon Reid Hoffman’s “Masters of Scale” – working in tech this piqued my interest and I fast became a fan!

One of the things that struck me immediately about the episodes was actually not the topics of discussion or the Volturi of global tech entrepreneur guests, but rather the host’s semantic style and way with words. I find his choice of words at times a little cheesy, however at all times deliberate and metronomic.

I tend to notice that with great leaders this can often be the case, and it allows them to not only build momentum around ideas but also allows the people in their teams to truly understand their position, their belief set and objectives. Reid does this very well.

Language is not only insight, as we famously claim at Relative, but is also a powerful tool to be used in business and in life. I wanted to see what our tech could do. So, I took a look at the language footprint that is unique to this powerhouse entrepreneur.

First up, I downloaded the podcast transcripts and popped this raw data into the platform, the comparison was set against our standard English model and here is what I found:

Surprisingly Reid’s overwhelming focus is on the people in business, he stresses the power of the people and the importance of having wonderful talent and treating people well:

Second linguistic theme is life as a journey:

The final findings were the hot well-known trademark phases which include:


“GlenGarryGlenRoss markets”

To summarise, Reid’s language footprint is not only unique but is a potent mix of human, emotionally intelligent topics and juicy catchphrases!

Want to learn more about how this all works – get in touch and we can tell you!

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