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Relative Insight: A uniquely feminist SaaS business

It’s easy for an organisation on International Women’s Day to say that they champion and celebrate women, but it’s more important to champion and celebrate your female workforce on all those other days of the year, but at Relative Insight we really do put our money where our feminist mouth is.

Our whole company is powered by women, in fact 56% of our employees are women. The commercial team, which traditionally is always a very male dominated space – especially in tech, is made up of 78% women so it’s fair to say that women really are ruling our world.

Personally, I love working for a company that advocates women so wholeheartedly, and it’s unusual for a technology company to be quite so feminist in its core principles. I find it refreshing to see so many women’s faces, and hear so many women’s voices that I asked some of them to tell me what they think.

Nancy Conroy joined us in July as a commercial associate and says “I’ve never worked at a company before where I’ve felt like such a valued member of the team from day one. Your successes are celebrated at every moment, no matter how big or small.”

Emily Hall works in the marketing team as content marketing manager and tells us “One of the key standouts of working at Relative Insight is having an array of inspiring female role models to look up to – it’s not everyday that you come across a company that truly champions women! I love working in a supportive team that encourages growth in all senses of the word, and where no question is a bad question.”

Next up is the mighty Felicity Edwards who heads up the newly formed Customer Experience department, Flick joined us in October and says “Coming from a much bigger, global company it’s been an honour to join a tech scale-up where the majority of team leads are fabulous women! That’s rare full stop, and even rarer in tech!”

Fresh out of university in September 2021 came Mae Lee, a commercial associate in the Account Management team, Mae explains; “ I feel fully taken care of at Relative. Coming from Malaysia and this being my first ever full-time job, I felt like I should be intimidated. But in fact, I was constantly set up for success – from the entirety of the recruitment process, to this day. I’d like to save a special mention to my manager Alex[andra] whom I know only wants the best for me, so what more can I ask for in a manger?

Meanwhile over in Customer Success, I talked to Holly Clarkson. Holly came to Relative in August and was hosting her first Spotlight Series event four months later, she says “The Customer Success team is 85% women, and is led by a woman – and this is something that was important to me when I was looking for jobs. Clare really pushes for us to be (female) leaders of the future, and one of my objectives this year is to write a whitepaper. In terms of the wider team, I love being surrounded by intelligent, strong women everyday – especially in a tech company which is normally dominated by men.”

And so over to some of our leaders;

Relative Insight is the only company I know of that includes being ‘kind’ as one of its company values. I had a recent joiner ask me: ‘When will I find the mean person at Relative?!?’ and I can confirm that they never will! With a lot of inspirational female colleagues, being kind and truly supporting one another is how we’ll all win (and have fun on the way!).

Eilidh Reynolds, VP of Sales Enablement

We run our company by the mantra of being kind – and this is one of the most carefully thought-out values here at Relative Insight. Not only is it rare in the world of business, it is also perfectly embodied by the wonderful women that make up 56% of the company – a statistic we are incredibly proud of. It’s this 56% that makes Relative all the more interesting – so here’s to all our amazing women – and thank you for everything you do!

James Cuthbertson, CRO

From the very beginning of Relative Insight, we’ve wanted to install a culture that works because of the uniqueness and excellence of team members. The majority of the team is female, and these women consistently deliver best-in-class work throughout the industry, both in commercial, analysis and development functions. I’m proud that the values we have always followed have led to such a balanced and effective team.

Ben Hookway, CEO

Happy International Women’s day to everyone, firstly to all of our wonderful women, but never forgetting our fantastic male allies.