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Watch on demand: ‘Giant killers’: the tale of challenger brands

Hosted by Relative Insight account manager, Will Sohler, our latest Spotlight Series webinar was an exciting discussion about the meteoric rise of ‘giant killing’ disruptor brands and what happens when these giant killers themselves become the giants.

We were joined by two giants of the PR, marketing, ad and brand world, Kathleen Lucente, founder and CEO of Red Fan Communications, and Evan Faber, CEO of Moxie Sozo, who shared their experiences using comparative text analysis to glean unexpected, and powerful consumer insights.

We also presented some of Relative Insight’s case studies – an investigation on how the once-referred-to ‘discounters’ – Aldi and Lidl have come in and shaken up the UK grocery market using a blend of clever social marketing that mirrors the language of their consumers, and ads that replicate the jokes that have been made at their expense.

Then we talk about category-shaking subscription boxes. Their growing popularity is not down to simply being in the right place at the right time, so we explored consumer conversations to understand the secret of their success. The mattress industry has seen similar disruption with the entrance of D2C brands like Casper and Emma. Access the recording here.

If you’d like to meet with Kathleen Lucente at Red Fan Communications, you can reach her @Kathleen Lucente. In addition, you can download Red Fan’s Brand Positioning and Narrative Lab ebook here.

@Evan Faber is contactable by email, so if you would like another game of rock, paper, scissors drop him a line.

Relative Insight can help you get value from your text data – contact us to see the platform in action and have a conversation about how you can put our technology to work in your organisation – whether you’re a giant or a killer…