In a landscape increasingly democratised by innovation and bankrolled by readily-available financing, the world has experienced a meteoric rise of challenger brands. 

Challengers come in all shapes and sizes – from quirky online-only banks who have brazenly been snapping at the heels of century old financial institutions, to large discounters who have turned heads and buying habits of the shoppers who have been loyal to a particular supermarket brand for years.

Hosted by Relative Insight account manager Will Sohler, the next webinar in the Relative Insight Spotlight Series looks to discover more about how consumers have been feeling, thinking and talking about the way these challengers have shaken things up – and how established brands and businesses have had to react in order to stay relevant.

We will highlight a number of case studies and host a discussion showcasing how by comparing language data – accessed from a variety of sources including social media, forums, surveys and online media – unexpected, and very exciting consumer insights can be revealed.


How language analysis creates strong narratives that help giant-killing technologies grow into giants
The best brands are also great storytellers, but increasingly marketing managers and CEOs expect data-backed recommendations that reinforce brand narratives and position them for sustainable market success.

Innovation in data science has provided public relations professionals with new methods of testing a brand’s story. In this session, Red Fan Communications founder and president Kathleen Lucente will discuss the evolution of brand storytelling, and demonstrate how her team drafts unique positioning language and thought leadership pillars for their clients in their Brand Positioning and Narrative Lab Workshop, based on their celebrated e-book.

Additionally, Kathleen will demonstrate how language comparison has helped clients separate themselves from the giant-killing competition and grow as giants in their own right.

Rock, paper, scissors and branding
As a brand matures, its messaging needs to evolve. Evan Faber, CEO of Moxie Sozo will explain how big ‘rock’ brands need to avoid being smothered by huge conglomerate ‘papers’, who in turn need to avoid being snipped away by the tiny little ‘scissors’.

He’ll demonstrate how language comparison techniques supply the audience insights for all three of these style brands, in order to gain awareness, momentum, and relevancy.

Why supermarket consumers no longer support their favourite fighters
Is there a reason why people who historically would never shop at a grocery discounter now do? Traditionally, people have always aligned themselves to a specific store, but the emergence of Aldi, Lidl and Trader Joe’s have changed all that. This session tracks conversations to see how they’ve changed over time, and charts the way people talk about brands that they never used to.

We investigate whether there is such a thing as supermarket brand affinity, or do people simply follow price and product rather than how they feel?

Can a box become bigger than a shop?
The meteoric rise and availability of subscription boxes has been ground-shaking. Consumers can now choose to have almost anything delivered to their houses in a beautifully packaged box, rather than simply buying it in a store.

Instead of adding razors, toilet paper, cat litter, tea, socks or smoothies to a basket, people can make the specific lifestyle decision to get all these things delivered. But why? We delve into the conversations that consumers have been having about these services, to understand what they love – and to see why this love is dangerous for bricks and mortar brands.

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