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Service Specification

Meaning of key words used in this Specification

Add-Ons: the optional services described below that can be purchased in addition to the Core Services.
Core Service: our standard offering as detailed further below.
Data sources: the individual sources of Customer Data that can be uploaded to the Software. For example, transcripts, surveys, etc.
Project: a single market research project.


What does our Software do?

Our Software provides comparative text analytics that helps you generate actionable insights from text data using technology originally developed for law enforcement.

Relative Insight’s platform combines AI-powered natural language processing with advanced comparative linguistics allowing you to analyse any digital source of text data and drive enhanced contextual understandings of target audiences, competitors and trends.


What packages do we offer?

Core Service

Our core service is made up of a subscription to our Explore text analysis platform. The platform is accessible by Authorised Users who can upload and analyse data from Data Sources. The number of Authorised Users that can access the platform and the amount of Data Sources you can upload data from and analyse will depend on how many you’ve purchased in the Order Form. Otherwise, there is no limit on the amount of analysis that can be completed under the Core Service.*

* Please note that i) our Fair Use Policy (see below) sets a data upload limit to prevent excessive uploads which could detrimentally affect the Software’s performance and when purchasing Projects; and (ii) Add-On services are not unlimited and are subject to the limitations stated below.


Heartbeat – optional Add-Ons

An Add-On on product that can be purchased in addition to the Core Service that allows you to perform analysis over time. Heartbeat provides intuitive visualizations showing how the proportion of customer or target audience conversations dedicated to specified topics is changing over time. Heartbeat can be used to track changes in customer opinions and sentiment, examine industry trends and analyse social media conversations to understand shifts in consumer behaviour. If purchased the Heartbeat product will be accessible for the rest of your Core Service subscription.


Professional Services – optional Add-Ons

Relative Insight can also provide professional support:

  • Data Services

We can provide Data Services in two forms:

    • General Data Support
    • Relative Flow

General Data Support

We can provide you with general data support which entails us helping you with identifying the suitable data sources and manipulating data to make it ready for analysis.

Two support levels are provided:

    • Basic Data Support that is limited to 5 hours of support a month.
    • Custom Data Support that is bespoke to the customers needs.

Relative Flow

Our platform can be configured with workflows that support the automatic ingestion of data, its manipulation, through to the exporting of insights. To support this our Data Engineers will work with you to understand your workflow needs before then configuring the platform to reflect this.

Workflow configuration is a bespoke service which is scoped and priced as part of the sales process.

  • Managed Service Analyst Support

For Customers who have purchased this support, our analysts will provide you with data gathering/manipulation support and will perform analysis within the platform on your behalf for you to access. We will need you to brief us on the project and be available to receive/provide feedback on the project output. You would not need to be involved in any day-to-day tasks associated with the project. (Data gathering is limited to public sources only)

Managed Service Analyst Support is limited to 5 hours of support per month.


Any professional support hours beyond the limits specified above will be subject to our agreement and require payment of additional fees.  Timescales or deadlines provided in relation to the Professional Services are estimates only.


Onboarding, Training and Support

We take pride in the level of customer service we provide. As part of a Customers new subscription, Relative Insights’ Customer Success team will provide the following onboarding and training:

  • Initial Onboarding (Months 1 to 3)
    • 3 one-hour training sessions (per every 3 users)
    • Monthly 30 minute check ins
  • Ongoing Support (Month 4 onwards)
    • 30 minutes of refresher training offered every 3 months
    • Monthly 30 minute check ins

Customers will also have access to day-to-day assistance. This will be provided within UK/US business hours (9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday). The Customer will have unlimited support for general issues.



We aim for the Software to be available 99.5% of the time. This does not include any scheduled maintenance during our regular maintenance window (Sunday 10am-12pm UK time), unscheduled maintenance performed outside of Business Hours (we will let you know in advance where the Software will be down for more than 15 minutes) and any downtime caused as a result of factors beyond our reasonable control.


Technical Support

Technical Support shall comprise diagnosis and correction of actual errors or defects in the Software and/or the provision of patches, bug fixes and workarounds to errors reported by you.

You should report errors and defects to your Account Manager.

We aim to acknowledge any support requests within 1 Business Day. Providing the issue relates to the Software itself, we will use reasonable efforts to help you to resolve the issue as soon as reasonably practicable.

Where resolution involves third parties then the resolution time will be subject to the support contracts in place with those parties.


Fair Use Policy

Our prices are based on reasonable usage of the Software. We deem this to be up to 10 million words of text data uploaded for analysis in a given calendar month. If you exceed this amount, you will be charged £5,000/$6,000 for every 1 million words over this limit.

Where you purchase 1 or more Projects, each Project shall continue for a period of 8 weeks after which the Project will be marked as complete and can only be accessed on a read-only basis.



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