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Relatively Speaking Webinar: fall in love with your open-ends

Analysing survey open-ends can be a real challenge. In contrast to closed-end questions, words cannot be boiled down into pie charts and bar graphs.

Qualitative research is traditionally a manual, time-intensive and costly process that is not scalable for organisations with large volumes of data – but it’s not to say that open-ends are any less rich in terms of the insights they can provide – and in fact, we’re here to show you how the opposite is true.

We like to say that closed-end responses tell you what is going on, while the open-ends help you understand why – and you can’t look at one without the other.

In this edition of the Relatively Speaking webinar series, we explore the challenges of qualitative survey analysis and our special guests from COS and James Villa Holidays explain how Relative Insight helped them to analyse open-ends at scale.

Relative Insight can help you transform your (neglected) survey open-ends into powerful insights – request a demo below to see the platform in action.

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