Professional Services Support

As well as providing clients with access to its language analysis platform – Relative Insight also offers differing levels of support provided by our expert insight analysts. The level of support varies depending on the client’s subscription, as described below.

Any additional hours of support beyond what is provided by the level of service will be subject to agreement and additional fees.


Relative Insight experts will provide clients with guidance on sourcing suitable data, performing analysis and generating actionable insights.

Level of service: Two hours of support per client project


Relative Insight experts will support clients in defining project briefs, and work with them to carry out analysis and source/manipulate data. These activities will be led by the client, with Relative Insight’s experts collaborating.

Level of service: Six hours of support per client project

Managed Service

Relative Insight’s experts will provide clients with full data gathering/manipulation support, and will perform analysis within the Relative Insight analysis platform that the client will have access to. The client will be expected to brief Relative Insight on the project and be available to receive/provide feedback on the project output. The client would not be involved in any day-to-day tasks associated with the project.

Level of service: 10 hours of support per client project

Insight as a Service (IaaS)

Relative Insight’s experts will carry out bespoke research projects for the client, that can involve multiple phases and resources. Relative Insight will manage the entirety of the project and carry out all the required activities to deliver on the project. The outcomes of the project will be provided within the Relative Insight analysis platform or as a presentation deck – as required. The client would be expected to brief the project, and attend iteration and final playbacks.

Level of service: Bespoke to each project

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