We had an unexpected but gratefully accepted win at the Fast Growth Forum for Relative Insight yesterday! Ben and I had agreed we’d give it a whirl some time ago, mostly and very selfishly because of the illustrious list of VC judges that we wanted to tap up. A bit of pitch practice is always a good thing, but we never seriously thought we’d win it, especially when we sat down and looked at the eleven other businesses pitching. Shouts out to Gally from Mallzee (Tinder for fashion? Come on! And that’s before you hear he turned down Peter Jones on Dragons Den!), and fellow finalists Prodpad (every person who heard that pitch was nodding “yes, yes, I need this”). THEN we realised that even after two finalists were chosen by the judges, the audience would get a final vote on them. Not a chance, or so we mistakenly thought.

One thing before I go. If you ever get the chance to listen to Alex Depledge from Hassle talk about her experiences going from being a management consultant to building her business, do. No nonsense, well-grounded, sound advice. That’s the polite version of my tweet during her talk!

By Rich Wilson - CMO at Relative Insight