• Deep social

  • Content optimization 

  • Social ad optimization 

  • Get deeper quicker.

    Need to perform snappy analysis on social? Want to compare consumer groups quickly? How about competitors day by day?
     – Consumer analysis
     – Master Brand analysis
     – Product intelligence
    – Industry analysis
    Learn how Unilever, Twitter, and Disney use Relative Insight’s deep social analysis for fast, AI-driven, evidence-based, contrastive linguistic analysis. Analyse 100x as much data in a tenth of the time, straight from the desk. 

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  • Dramatically improve conversions.

    Is your digital content converting as well as it should? Does your content sound authentic? What evidence do you have?
     – Digital content optimization
     – SEO topic identification
     – PPC creative optimization
    Learn how Haymarket and SEO247 leapfrog competitors to find authenticity in their content and optimize for SEO and PPC strategies, straight from the desktop and without engaging time-consuming qualitative.

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  • 5x increase in ad effectiveness.

    Frustrated with Cost per Acquisition on social? Need to improve ad effectiveness?Struggling to get to grips with topic targeting?
     – Twitter ad optimization
    – Creative targeting for other channels
    Replicate how Twitter apply innovative new thinking to quickly take advantage of language style and interests among successfully converted audiences.

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Rapid Research Platform

The Relative Insight analysis platform uniquely compares language sets in a data-driven way to surface exciting new insights from existing and new language sources. It is simple and flexible to use, and dovetails neatly into existing market research and social listening technologies. Organizations can upload any language files for processing and undertake analysis in their own time, right at the desk.

The Relative Insight platform enables users to understand critical linguistic and attitudinal differences between consumers and brands, as well as track language differences over time. Only significant differences in words, topics, style and grammar are exposed for maximum value.

All the data is exportable in easy-to-read visualizations that highlight the key language differences.

A dedicated support person from Relative Insight is always available for training and support.


  • Upload any form of language or use existing APIs
  • Use comparative analysis to add context to insights
  • Export data
  • Receive full support from Relative Insight

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