Data before insights

Here at Relative Insight, we love to talk about how ‘language is insight’ – but where does language data come from? Sadly, we can’t pull it out of thin air…

Relative Insight is a text analysis platform that can work with any kind of language data, but knowing just where to find that data can be challenging.  There may even be some troves of language data sitting within your organisation that you didn’t know existed.

To help get you off to a roaring start, we’ve put together an infographic to take you on an intergalactic journey to data discovery. This astronaut is searching for marketing and branding data, but there are plenty of other use cases and data sources to explore.

Whether you’re just discovering Relative and want some ideas on the types of data we can analyse, or you’re launching your first (or fiftieth!) project, we hope this will be a helpful tool to get you thinking about all that data.

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