June was an exciting month for all of us at Relative Insight! Firstly, we had builders in the London office to cut a big hole in the wall, and turn our two smaller offices into one larger space! Secondly, we celebrated our first ever Summer Party (or Summer Slam as we like to call it here!) up in Lancaster. But finally, and most exciting of all, was our series of webinars to introduce our brand spanking new dashboard! We wanted to provide our clients with easy guides on using our new platform, so here we are!

*click the screen grabs to watch the webinar videos!

Ep.1 – Our New Platform!

In the first session, our very own Tom and Phil (Our co-founder and CTO) took us through the platform and its new features. This included the new Projects tab, designed to help our clients frame questions when they start a new piece of work and organise their work more easily. We also had a look around the Data Library and its multiple functionalities. Find out more in the video below!

Ep.2 – The Projects Tab

The Project section was the main focus of our second webinar. James (Our co-founder, COO and Head of Insight) explained how to start a project, add the first question to it and – most important of all – upload data to the tool! Another big focus of our second webinar was a detailed walkthrough of the Data Library, which not only houses all your data, it alsoallows you to use functionalities such as SPLIT and COMBINE. Give the video a watch for more details!

Ep.3 – Creating and Building Insights

Beth was the star guest of our third and final webinar! Beth (an Insight Analyst) is an insight wizard so naturally she talked about the benefits of our new insight functionality. Tom walked us through creating an insight from scratch and Beth then added some final notes of wisdom on building your insights and making them as impactful as possible. Listen to Beth’s wise words below!

That’s it for now folks! As always if you have any questions you can contact your respective Account Managers, Alex or Will.


Cover image – Jakob Owens

By Tom Deaney - Account Coordinator