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At Relative Insight we think that a little language can go a long way. Probably the best satisfaction we get is when a customer lights up with delight because they have found out in seconds what different customer groups think, or that their differentiation isn’t what they thought; but now they can do something about it, quickly and easily.

It’s the simple ideas that matter. We are liberating our customers to think about language in a new way because we provide the technology to manage and measure it. So now we see customers asking all kinds of interesting questions and getting the answers:

  • Did that ad campaign really work? Lets go back in time in customer comments and measure the language before and after.
  • I might have 200 people writing outbound copy for my brand but now I can make sure they are all on message automatically.
  • Now I know what issues my customer are discussing, I can change my language to be more in tune with their concerns.

As this blog progresses we will be running through some case studies and how you can use different language resources to gain fast results at a level you may never have thought you could reach.

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Phil Greenwood - CTO