David Pattison Chairman

David Pattison:
Board Chair

David founded PHD, the worldwide media agency network now owned by Omnicom, before joining digital business iLG which was sold to a private equity investor in 2008.
As a key advisor to Relative Insight since 2015, David brings expertise on building businesses from scratch, particularly within the marketing and digital industries. As Chair, David is responsible for helping the company grow its international network and develop its overall growth strategy while continuing to strengthen relationships in the United Kingdom.


Ben Hookway:
Chief Executive Officer

 Ben’s focus is on making sure our customers get the most value they can from Relative Insight. Having been involved with several successful technology-based businesses, such as Vidiactive, Next Device and Critical Path in the the UK and USA, he knows what it takes to delight customers by working in partnership with them. He spends a lot of time travelling but can often be found in London.

Phil Greenwood:
Chief Technical Officer

Phil oversees the technology behind Relative Insight. He’s the one who makes sure it always delivers, and also manages the development and integration of new tech into our language analysis platform. Phil has a strong research background so is ideally placed for tackling any technical challenges that can present themselves. He has a PhD and is a co-founder of the company.

James Walkerdine:
Chief Operating Officer

 James looks after the day-to-day operation of the company, and helps shape its overall vision. He has a background in digital interaction analysis and contributes to the development of the underlying language analysis engine. He has a PhD and founded the company alongside Phil.

Rich Wilson:
Chief Marketing Officer

Rich is unusual as he comes from a strong software engineering background but for the last decade has been involved in the marketing and commercialisation of technology. He has a history of successfully bringing US tech/data firms into Europe (notably Wily Technology and Splunk) and co-founded Volcube, a trading tech firm, which he sold in 2012. Rich is based in London and can mostly be spotted evangelising objective and evidence-based approaches to marketing with clients.