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Stop manually analyzing survey open ends and customer reviews

Save time and generate objective customer intelligence from

open-ended survey responses and customer reviews with

Relative Insight’s industry-leading text analytics platform. 

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Actionable customer insights to power your organization

Effectively analyzing open-end survey responses and customer reviews is essential to understanding your customers, but words can be messy and difficult to analyze at scale.


Relative Insight delivers hassle-free text analytics that takes the pain out of managing open ends and reviews.



Develop brand messaging that reflects how customers experience and get value from your products and services.

Customer service

Identify the driving causes of customer satisfaction and churn and train customer service teams to spot early warning signs.

Product development

Take an informed approach to product development by understanding what customers love and hate about your products.

Hundreds of happy customers are already using Relative Insight

“Relative Insight has been a fantastic company to work with. With endless open-end survey responses, we as an organization struggled to find a valuable solution. Relative Insight’s AI platform has allowed us to make data-driven decisions and weed through the clutter. The platform is extremely simple to use, and the customer service is unmatched.”

Global Senior Market Research AnalystGlobal Senior Market Research AnalystAmway

Unleash the potential of text analysis

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