While Santa is busy packing his sleigh, the smart elves at Relative Insight are putting the finishing touches to their own early Christmas present. All current Relative Insight subscribers are invited to try out the beta release of the new Relative Insight dashboard. This brand spanking new interface has a whole host of features to make it easier to unlock the value contained within language assets. A link will appear once you log in that will take you to the new dashboard. Here’s a brief summary of the new features to look out for:

Save your work

One of the most requested features we are asked for is the ability to save comparisons you’ve performed. We’ve added support for this by splitting the dashboard in two: firstly, your Data Library is where you can upload and manage all your language data. The second, your Projects, is the area to perform your analysis in and answer questions that form your brief. If preferred, you can still perform comparisons the old way and we’ll populate your projects with the correct comparisons for you.


Add context to your analysis

We’ve also created a very useful wizard which guides you through the process of answering your brief’s question. For example, you can ask the question, “I want to learn how people are discussing My Brand and compare this to other brands”. The wizard will create the comparisons to help you answer this based on the language sets you select. Other members of your team as they will see the comparisons performed and their context, improving collaboration. These questions also capture best-practice based on the ways Relative Insight analysts, and other users, use the dashboard. These provide you with inspiration for other ways to use the dashboard.


Insight Reports

The results section of the dashboard has also been completely refreshed. All the results are still there but they are much easier to navigate and find those golden language nuggets. We’ve added an entirely new ‘Insight Report’ section to summarise results and to present the insights you’ve discovered. Simply create an insight from the comparison and the Insight Report will be built to present your findings. There’s much more to come from Insight Reports so keep an eye on future updates!

Improved split, combine and upload

We’ve improved other parts of the dashboard too. For example, the language set split and combine features now explain those processes more clearly. The queries applied to create the new data sets and the expected results are better defined. Additionally, the data upload process provides better guidance to upload data from your social listing platform of choice to Relative Insight. These features mean that you no longer need to be a data-scientist to make the most of Relative Insight!

The beta period will run for a short period while we swat any bugs and continue to make improvements to the user experience. During this time, we encourage you to use the beta and provide any thoughts or suggestions to your friendly account manager or drop us a note at support@relativeinsight.com so that we can shape the dashboard to your needs.