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Browse and download Relative Insight’s portfolio of white papers, digests and thought-leadership content which all has qualitative data analysis, and comparative linguistic methodology at its core.

Gendered Linguistics: Women in Finance Insight Report

This report reveals how the language used by financial institutions can dramatically affect the perception of future employees and gender diversity.

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Tracking the lexicon of mental health & wellness

To truly understand the emergence and divergence of the lexicon around wellness, we ran some text analysis from a variety of data sources.

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The changing state of sustainability

This report investigates the importance of authentic comms in sustainable strategies, and delves into the how, what and why when it comes to articulating your stance.

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How to pass the vibe check

Relative Insight surveyed 300 global millennial and gen Z respondents to find out what they really think about sustainability, ethics, personal branding and consumerism.

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PR led research that journos will use

This white paper showcases how qualitative long-form survey results can be analysed, and why the results are so valuable for PR and comms professionals.

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Relevant vs resonant comms

Consider the difference between creation vs conversion and how – with the help of language comparison, messaging can speak to consumers long after they’ve clicked ‘add to basket‘.

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