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The Hub Podcast: Getting Your Words Worth

Kim Davis, March 2016

“Ben Hookway, CEO of Relative Insight, takes Kim to the cutting edge of language analysis, audience modeling and targeting. With a stop at Cannes along the way.”

The Hub


Three reasons why it’s time to ditch the demographics

Rich Wilson, February 2016

“Demographics are the past and it is time to get rid of them, writes Rich Wilson of Relative Insight.”

PR Week


Unilever and ad:tech London identifies Relative Insight’s platform as one to watch

Will Corey, November 2015

“Relative Insight demonstrated the type of innovation, enthusiasm and energy that we’re looking for at Unilever and as part of ’The Next Big Thing’ award.”

The Marketing Blog


19 innovative startups set to revolutionise marketing

Celina Burnett, August 2015

“Relative Insight provides advanced text analytics to better understand and target the consumer using their language.”



The CMO Files – Rich Wilson interviewed

IDG Connect, July 2015

“I read yet another blog post recently where the author was attempting to explain who was “winning the social media war” in the General Election by looking at vanity metrics such as likes, shares, and retweets. Really? Are you unaware that people love to share bad news?!”

IDG Connect


The language analysis software making marketers foam at the mouth

Jack Hershman, May 2015

“Marketers are only just becoming aware of the sheer goldmine that they are sitting on. Language.”

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