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Addressing marketer pain points at Nike

Doug Zanger, January 2018

“I’d say 75% of corporate startup engagement initiatives are awful,” said Ben Hookway, chief executive officer of Relative Insight, an interesting audience research tool that uses comparative language analysis. “R/GA has been exceptional because of their sector knowledge and how willing they are to let [us] talk directly to their customers.”

The Drum


Northern Powerhouse funding for Lancaster-based Relative Insight

Richard Bell, September 2017

“Relative Insight epitomises the kind of early stage growth business that the equity finance part of the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund is designed to assist.”



Bake Off fans skewer Hollywood

James Gillespie, October 2016

“Our analysis of audience language around Paul Hollywood surfaces the accusations that he’s only there for the cash and that he had it in for Selasi.”

The Sunday Times


Talk the talk: Using language to your brand’s advantage

Lucy Tandon Copp, May 2016

“Relative Insight’s Chief Marketing Officer Rich Wilson talks to Cosmetics Business about how language means power in the cosmetics industry and uses Olay as an example.”

Cosmetic Business


Rich Wilson named one of the most influential B2B tech marketers in Europe

Tom Lytton-Dickie, May 2016

“We asked our community of senior business leaders to nominate the individuals who have been trailblazers in the use of new technologies to drive innovation within the marketing function.”

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3 Areas Language Recognition Could Revolutionise

Rhys Maliphant, April 2016

“By analysing mobile phone reviews for a mobile phone retailer we were able to show them how to improve their sales processes in the store. It turned out the ability to analyse language use at huge scale is useful in lots of different areas.”



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