Interview Data with Relative Insight

Relative Insight’s qualitative analysis platform deploys a unique language comparison approach that supports scalable interview data analysis. Our software can compare any source of text-based language data including survey open ends, in-depth interviews, phone and chat transcripts.  

Traditionally, interview data analysis has been a complicated, time consuming and expensive process to get right. By layering Relative Insight’s technology on top of your existing survey and interview data, you’ll quickly discover a whole new world of actionable insights.

Relative Insight is used by brands and agencies – specifically market research and insight professionals – looking to make the most out of their qualitative data. Our powerful technology analyses semi-structured interviews, open-ends and more to identify the differences that make customer groups, brands and products unique – equipping teams with insights that go far deeper than bar charts, word clouds and star ratings.

Relative Insight can help:

  • Tap into the full potential of interview data to develop actionable insights
  • Improve the scalability of qualitative analysis activities
  • Identify common themes across a series of in-depth interviews and other market research initiatives
  • Maximise the value you can get from a single data asset by slicing and dicing the data in different ways

Interview data analysis in practice: