New year, new faces – Amy Buckle

One of the newest additions to the ever-growing Relative Insight team (yes, we’re hiring!) is the incomparable Amy Buckle!

As a Commercial Associate supporting our brand clients, chances are you’ll be meeting her soon. To help you get acquainted with the faces behind our qualitative analysis platform, we sat down with Amy to chat about her background, what drew her to Relative Insight and what’s helping her stay positive in these tumultuous times.

In conversation with Amy

Q: Where are you from?

I grew up in Oxfordshire but moved to East London last year. Previously I’d moved around quite a bit for university, from Exeter in the southwest of England to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the US. I’ve pretty much lived in a different city every year for the past 5 years, but I’m not complaining! Living in the US was a definite highlight.

Q: Rumour has it you really are a language expert, can you tell us more?

I got my Masters in English and American literature in 2019, and that’s where my passion for language analysis stems from. As a literature student, you live and breathe language – you’re constantly comparing and justifying tiny differences in text and seeing how adventurous you can be with it. As is the case with many, I wasn’t really sure what I’d do with my degree afterwards, so I really felt I’d lucked out when I found Relative Insight. I was hooked straight away.

Q: What is your role at Relative Insight?

As a commercial associate in our brand team, I support the day-to-day account management function. I’m focused on helping clients make the most of the platform – from supporting with data sourcing to building insights, comparisons and providing support to users. If you write into us for some help, chances are good you’ll be talking with me!

Q: What excites you most about our language comparison technology?

The element of discovery-driven analysis is definitely top for me. I’m always excited to see what the platform uncovers – there’s always something interesting or unexpected that surfaces. I don’t think people necessarily expect qualitative data to be fun to deal with at all, but our tech definitely makes it so. That and the fact that it’s endlessly useful, as there are infinite comparisons you can make. That’s very exciting too.

Q: After a tough 2020, what’s keeping you optimistic for 2021?

On a personal level, I feel so lucky to be kicking off a new year in a great role doing something I’m passionate about – I’m just looking forward to the day I can finally go for a drink with the team. And of course, I’m optimistic about this vaccine – finally, the end is in sight!

Q: What’s a favourite insight you’ve discovered using the platform?

This also answers your previous question, but I recently ran a comparison of how people spoke about New Year’s Resolutions this year compared to last year. This analysis showed that people are being kinder to themselves this year and are more focused on taking it easy and looking after themselves. More people pledged to help others this year too, which was really uplifting and gave me optimism for the new year. I’ve seen so many great insights working with the tool, but we could all do with a dose of positivity at the moment, and those insights definitely delivered that for me!

Q: What’s one thing our wonderful clients should know about you?

You’ll probably see me in some of your meetings, so do say hello! I’m also always down for a discussion about books of any kind.

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