• Using Language Modeling to detect the shift in attitudes to cosmetic surgery.

    A major cosmetic brand wanted to understand how consumer attitudes to cosmetic surgery had changed over time. Understanding this social evolution through the language being used to discuss it is critical to the brand know how to position itself. But it was very difficult to obtain objective insights on this topic by conducting conventional qualitative research methods such as focus groups. The sensitivity of the topic and the observer bias of focus groups meant that objective views weren’t coming though. Additionally, no research was available before 2014. How could the brand understand changes from further back in time?

    Learn how the brand solved this with Relative Insight here.

  • Holiday rentals – optimising property content for lead conversions.

    SEO 247, an award winning PPC and SEO agency, approached Relative Insight to see if we could help them improve the sale transaction rate of a client’s website, a holiday company.
    Based on our insights, SEO 247 made changes to the language on their clients’ website and evaluated its performance over the following month. Within this timeframe the changes to the accommodation pages resulted in an increase in conversions by 217%, transactions increased by 218%, and revenue increased by 256%.

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  • Research firm – drastically reducing research time and cost.

    A major research company routinely examines forums and social language to gain insights for its clients. Using Relative Insight they were able to process 100x more language in days rather than weeks:

          – A completed process in days rather than weeks – saving thousands of pounds on just one project
          – A 100x increase in the volume of data processed, increasing confidence in conclusions, recommendations, and value to the client
          – The data driven approach surfaced objective insights, revealing new value which could be obtained no other way

    Learn how the firm dramatically improved research time and cost here.