How to write voice of customer questions

Asking the right voice of customer questions is crucial in conducting effective audience research. Without detailed and representative raw feedback data, your analysis will not produce accurate insights. 

Voice of customer research allows brands to understand the unique needs, wants, expectations and experience with your product or service. By collecting customer feedback through surveys, reviews, interviews or social media, brands can get inside the heads of each individual customer and the collective consumer base.

There are two types of voice of customer questions you can ask a respondent: qualitative or quantitative.

Quantitative Questions

Quantitative questions are closed ended and often utilize yes/no answers, multiple choice, or rating scale formats. Voice of Customer interview questions that produce quantitative data is easy to analyze and recognize trends within. 

  1. What do you look for when purchasing (select all that apply)?
    • Low price
    • Sustainable materials
    • Good reviews
    • Convenience
    • Innovative
    • Good customer service
    • Quality product
  2. How do you feel about our brand?
    • Positive
    • Negative
    • Neutral
  3. Please rate your customer experience
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
    • 9
    • 10
  4. Which brands have you recently made a purchase with?
    • Coke
    • Pepsi
    • Red Bull
    • Arizona
    • Snapple
  5. How likely are you to recommend our brand to a friend?
    • Unlikely
    • Somewhat likely
    • Likely
    • Very likely 

Qualitative Questions

Qualitative Voice of Customer questions are open-ended, giving respondents the room to say as much as they want in their own words. 

  1. What do you look for when purchasing [product or service]?
  2. What characteristics do you associate with our brand?
  3. How can we improve your customer experience?
  4. Do you purchase [product] from other companies and why?
  5. Would you recommend our brand to a friend and why?

What’s the Difference?

Qualitative data is more detailed and allows for the respondent to provide reasoning for their response. Quantitative questions require less effort from the respondent and are great for grouping customers into segments based on their answers. Surveys that incorporate both qualitative and quantitative Voice of Customer questions strike a balance between detail and ease.

Qualitative data can be more challenging to analyze, but text analysis tools streamline the process. Manually reading through each response and coding the information by hand is not an effective use of time. Text analysis tools automate the process, providing simple and accurate insights.

Voice of Customer Analysis

Relative Insight utilizes the power of Natural Language Processing to extract meaningful VoC insights from written data sources. Our technology compares two or more text files to pinpoint the differences in how people speak. By uncovering the unique topics, words, phrases, grammar and emotion used by an audience, you can better communicate with those groups. 

Speak the language of your audience with Voice of Customer research. Resonate marketing and customer service communications ensure you’re targeting the right groups and keeping them satisfied. Relative Insight analyzes long form voice of customer responses, social media conversations, forum posts, customer reviews and open-ended survey responses to pinpoint what matters to your audience.

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