Keep a pulse on customers and target audiences

Efficiently gain an objective view into how survey open-ends, NPS responses, reviews and relevant social media conversations are changing over time with AI-powered text analysis and powerful visualisations.

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Spot trends & assess impact with ease

Turn masses of unstructured qualitative data into easy-to-understand charts that allow you to act on trends and articulate the impact of marketing campaigns, product improvements and other strategic initiatives.

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Define and track custom themes

Focus on the things that matter most by defining custom themes made up of the topics and words most closely related to your objectives. Easily visualise how the volume of conversation around your themes is changing with Heartbeat charts.

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Unlock always on audience intelligence

Set up a Heartbeat chart in as little as 15 minutes and use it forever. Simply define the themes you want to track and apply them to time-stamped customer feedback or social media conversations. As new data comes in, refresh your chart to see what’s changing.

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