Analyze text data in minutes

Uncovering insights from surveys, reviews, social media and customer service transcripts no longer requires days of manual analysis. Simply upload text data files and the platform will help you uncover insights within minutes.

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Reveal trends within qualitative data

Using AI-powered natural language processing, Relative Insight Explore highlights the trends hidden in text data sets. This allows you to uncover insights you didn’t even know to look for, removing the need for predetermined hypotheses.

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Understand unique audience traits

By comparing the prevalence of topics, grammar, phrases, words and emotions, Relative Insight Explore identifies what is unique about each data set and the audience it represents– enabling you to develop tailored strategies which resonate.

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Remove bias from your analysis

Relative Insight Explore analyzes text data in a rapid, unbiased manner and frees up analysts to focus on powerful data storytelling that will compel stakeholders to take action.

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