Conversations on Coronavirus w/c 6 April

After a long weekend, the lucky ones amongst us are back at our makeshift desks in our makeshift home offices as we settle into month two of remote working during the coronavirus pandemic.

Looking back on the qualitative data charting last week’s conversations on coronavirus was particularly interesting – as there seems to be a sudden shift in how people are reacting to what they’re reading in the press.

Accusations of ‘fake news‘ are back with a bang due to increased scrutiny of the statistics, facts and information being shared about the spread of the virus. People are concerned about where news outlets are getting their information, and the accuracy of what is being published.

To put together this weekly digest, we look at conversations on forums as this is where more substantial, long-form conversations are taking place. It’s worth noting, however, that the types of language data that can be compared in Relative Insight’s platform are endless.

By charting topics of weekly conversations, set against a specific event or moment in time, we are able to discover the nuances of the public psyche. This helps brands, agencies, businesses and organisations see the world as it is, and adjust their communications effectively.

Our timelines highlight the major themes of conversation in any given week, and shows how discussion moves on and around the subject of the virus. Our last three weeks of COVID digests are available below:

What’s more, every Thursday at 3pm we will be hosting a webinar to accompany the weekly digest. This will be an opportunity to talk about the findings in the report, and to help you to think about language comparison as a tool for understanding audiences.

We will give you some ideas about how our technology can give you insights on this pandemic that you can’t get anywhere else.