Conversations on coronavirus – comparing brand perception

For this penultimate report in our conversations on coronavirus series – we’ve decided to shake things up a little. During the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve analysed millions and millions of conversations and we’ve noticed many nuances in the way specific demographics have talked about life in lockdown.

This report is different. The way that a brand behaves and reacts during a crisis will often determine consumer behaviour during peacetime. The primary focus of this digest therefore, is to investigate how the various conversations that consumers had about a specific brand has changed from before the pandemic hit to what they talked about during these months in lockdown.

For a broad perspective, we analysed conversations from a diverse section of brands – Amazon, Butlin’s, Formula 1, H&M, HSBC, John Lewis & Partners, Nespresso and Sky – and as usual for these reports we analysed language data from consumer forums, as conversations there tend be longer form and more involved than on social channels such as Twitter.

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As usual, this Thursday we will be running an accompanying webinar which will be an opportunity to talk about these findings and to help you to think about comparative text analysis as a tool for understanding audiences, where we will give you some ideas about how our technology can give you insights on this pandemic that you can’t get anywhere else.

In November, when life will have changed again, the project will be revisited and it will be time to reflect on the year that was. We’ll end the research by looking back on these consumer insights and then analysing topics that have changed from now – as lockdown eases off – to what will be prevalent during the next five months.