Conversations on Coronavirus – 27 April

As everyone is now so used to regular coronavirus announcements and COVID-19 plot twists part of the normal dialogue of daily life, we’ve decided to alter the format of our Conversations on Coronavirus digests, and shake things up a little.

Rather than looking at a significant moment in time, and tracking conversations in a strict timeline fashion, we’ve decided to track conversations on a more thematic basis – in more depth – but on a fortnightly basis.

Our new report style looks at the topics and themes that distinguish three main demographics – parents, the financially focussed, and under 25s, and also looks at conversations around six global political leaders who are leading countries in different stages of the coronavirus life cycle, in some instances where there has been high death count, low death count and whether they are in lockdown or not.

What’s more, we will be running a fortnightly webinar to accompany each report – it will be an opportunity to talk about the recent findings and to help you to think about language comparison as a tool for understanding audiences.

We will give you some ideas about how our text analysis technology can give you unique audience insights on this pandemic that you can’t get anywhere else.

Access our previous COVID digests that highlight the major themes of conversation in any given week, and show how discussion moves on and around the subject of the virus: