Conversations on coronavirus – 11 May

British PM, Boris Johnson made a significant, but perhaps confusing statement on Sunday evening about the next stage of the coronavirus lockdown for those of us in the UK – for many of us, nothing much has changed except we’re all now required to be alert rather than stay home.

Over the last few months, as life as we knew it has changed possibly forever – the conversations around coronavirus have been long and involved. However, we’ve been tracking them, and discovering significant audience insights which have given us some unique understanding into the public psyche.

For this latest report, we’ve investigated three areas of interest; firstly, topics and themes that distinguishes three main demographics – parents, the financially focused, and under 25s. Then we compared media interpretation of Boris Johnson’s 10 May speech, by looking at how the left-wing, right-wing and broadcast press reported on what he said. Finally, we tracked month-on-month conversation about non-coronavirus related health conditions, because of the fact that many people are not contacting their doctors or attending hospital appointments as they normally should.

In addition to this report, we will be running an accompanying webinar which will be an opportunity to talk about the recent findings and to help you to think about comparative text analysis as a tool for understanding audiences.

We will give you some ideas about how our text analysis technology can give you insights on this pandemic that you can’t get anywhere else.

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