HR & Internal Comms

Through comparison, Relative Insight’s technology helps HR and Internal comms people like you, discover important nuggets of information about what matters most to your current and prospective employees.

By analysing the language your internal teams use, such as in employee engagement surveys, exit interviews, and company review sites, our platform will give you fascinating insights into what makes them tick, helping you to engage really effectively with them.

The subtlety of language you also use makes a difference to the types of candidates you’ll attract, and so by using our technology you’ll discover how to really appeal to the talent you want.

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Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys

Understanding how your employees view your organisation is crucial for shaping company culture, building employee relations, retaining talent and creating change.

By analysing qualitative questionnaires, surveys and even focus group or exit interview transcripts, you will find out where the holes are, and know how to fix them.

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External Review Sites and Social Media

External review sites & social media

Analysing the way your employer brand is discussed externally is significant to the commercial success of your business.

Understanding what people are saying about your company will help you design robust people policies, as well identifying potential training and learning requirements for employees.

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Job Boards and Recruitment Websites

Job boards & recruitment websites

By comparing the language used by your competitors and counterparts on job boards and recruitment websites, you’ll get an unbiased viewpoint of how you stack up in your industry.

Being able to benchmark yourself in this way gives you a unique insight into how potential candidates view you.

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