Customer Experience & Sales

Through comparison, Relative Insight’s technology helps CX and customer-facing professionals like you discover valuable hidden gems from the language data that your organisation generates.

This can include all the results from satisfaction surveys, support channel transcripts, insights gathered from your CRM – and even the online reviews people leave about your product or service.

By analysing the language your team and customers use, our platform will give you richer insights into customer experience and satisfaction, as well as the performance of your wonderful customer service team

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Review Sites

Review sites

Understanding how your customers talk about your products makes it easier for you to position them more appropriately, leading people to say things like “ooo that’s a bit of me” or “damn Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans”.

By comparing language from five star reviews to one star, Relative Insight’s technology will unearth things that you might not have noticed before.

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Customer Support Channels

Customer support channels

By analysing the language used in contact centre correspondence, whether that’s through live chat, phone call transcripts or social media exchange, we can help you shape the most resonant customer experience strategy.

Comparison will enable you to pin-point exact words and phrases that are more likely to be used by high-scoring agents, which can then be used to directly inform training, and the content of scripts for contact centre staff.

Finely-tuned customer support language will determine a high customer satisfaction or NPS score, so thanks for your call today! 😀

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CRM and Sales Resources

CRM & sales resources

Your CRM system is probably the beating heart of your sales cycle and GTM strategy, there’s so much data within it that’s untapped.

Our technology can analyse customer lifecycles based on the language that’s used and will help you spot cross/ upsell opportunities for a healthier pipeline.

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Relative Insight has been instrumental in helping us investigate the way in which people use figurative language to talk about the different aspects of life and brands, and to identify what’s most prevalent and important to them.
Gideon Wilkins
Head of Research
McCann London
In a data-rich age it’s not just about big data, it’s about better data which is what Relative helps distil. The insights have been invaluable to create strategies based around enhancing customer relevancy, advocacy and loyalty.
Susie White
Marketing Director
James Villa Holidays
The team is just as incredible – the best onboarding and strategic support I’ve ever witnessed from a company offering a digital resource.
Evan Faber
Moxie Sozo
The insights give a clear focus highlighting what is working, and also giving straightforward feedback in the areas we need to develop.
Matthew Smith
CX Project Manager
We love how Relative Insight help us to pull apart the way in which language is used in different categories, markets and consumer cohorts.
Russ Wilson
Hall and Partners
The best thing is the unbiased nature of the tool. Previously, I would dive into data with a hypothesis and would look to support or disprove it, but the tool picks out the biggest differences by word or topic which means we’ve uncovered insights that we didn’t even know we were looking for!
Dominic Burrell
Consumer & Category Manager
Relative Insight consistently provides us with value added insights and perspectives for our clients. The work is very relevant, and the team is always super-helpful and responsive.
Rina Plapler
I presented the raw version of the insights, and the gang were honestly blown away by the capabilities of the platform, but mainly by the dedication from Relative’s team to help us strengthen them.
Senior Strategist